Stereoscopic gold stamping process

- Apr 28, 2018-

Bronzing and stereoscopic gold stamping

1. bronzing

Hot stamping

Using a certain pressure and temperature, the stamping machine uses a template to make the printing and hot plate in a very short time and pressure, the metal foil or color pigment foil is transferred to the surface of the hot material according to the requirements of the stamping graphic template. Because hot stamping is mainly made of gold and silver, it is often called bronzing. This technology is an important process to improve the visual effect and grade of labels, trademarks, cigarette packs, wine bags and all kinds of high-end packaging boxes. It can be divided into the first press and the first ironing.

The first ironing is printed on the blank holder, which is first printed on the aluminum foil layer and then printed on the surface of the aluminum foil. Most of the printed materials are used for large area scalding.

First printing and post blanching is a pattern that needs to be printed on hot stamping. It is a widely used process. Hot stamping technology can be divided into hot stamping technology and cold stamping technology. The above mentioned hot stamping technology requires a certain temperature and pressure to complete the process of electrolytic aluminum foil transfer. Cold stamping technology is to transfer the aluminum foil to the surface of the printing material through a UV adhesive on the printing press. These two methods have their own characteristics to meet the requirements of different products.

2. Stereoscopic gold stamping


Gold stamping technology is a combination of gold stamping technology and concave and convex technology. It is a complete process of making gold and concave and convex technology by using corrosion or engraving technology to make gold and concave and convex drawings made up and down with concave die and protruding die. This process has also completed stamping and pressure bump, reducing processing and printing waste, improving productivity and product quality.

Because the stereoscopic gold stamping is the combination of hot stamping and concave and convex technology, the product effect and the three-dimensional relief design can not be printed again. First, it is necessary to use the printing process after the first ironing and printing. At the same time, because of its high precision and high quality requirements, it is not suitable for the use of cold perm technology, but suitable for hot Blanching Technology.

The process and characteristics of gold stamping

The technology of stereoscopic bronzing is quite different from that of ordinary bronzing. It can form an embossed pattern different from plate, temperature control and pressure control.

1. plate making

(1) ordinary ironing plate

High quality is the guarantee of hot stamping quality. Ordinary hot plates are easy to make, mainly using photographic etching process and electronic engraving process. The common sheet is copper or zinc. Because of its fine texture, smooth surface, good heat transfer performance, high wear resistance and pressure, and it is not easy to deform, it is the current mainstream. The use of high quality copper plates can improve the gloss and clarity of printed images. In addition, hot stamping materials are few, and the quality of printed matter is not high.

Photographic etching plate is a traditional process with simple technology, low cost and low accuracy. It is mainly applied to image with low quality, coarse grain and low quality requirement. However, the printing plate of electronic printmaking can enrich the fine image hierarchy, and can be displayed well on fine lines and uneven drawings, but the cost is relatively high.

(2) stereoscopic printing plate

The principle of the stereoscopic plate is similar to the ordinary plate plate, but it is more complex than the ordinary one, because to form a stereoscopic relief pattern, the stamping board is generally under the concave, and changes with the depth of the plate, which is slightly deeper and more accurate than the ordinary iron plate. At present, copper plate photolithography is the main use in China. The method has the advantages of low cost and simple process, but it is only suitable for surface stamping. Because of the poor stereoscopic sense, short service life and only about 10 million prints, it is often used to alleviate the poor effect.