Some sorts of plastic packaging

- May 07, 2018-

Sterile packaging: The sterilized food is packaged in an aseptic environment and enclosed in a sterilized container so that it has a long shelf life without preservatives and without refrigeration.

Moisture-proof packaging: divided into 2 categories. The first is to prevent the package items from losing moisture, and the other is to absorb moisture from the packaged products. The former uses high-barrier packaging materials to prevent the moisture in the package from being discharged outward, and the latter can be re-packaged with a highly hygroscopic material called desiccant.

Transparent packaging: The packaging where all or part of the contents can be seen through transparent packaging materials, such as transparent plastic boxes.

Cooking bag: A food-containing bag made of flexible composite material. The bag is packaged with food and then sterilized in an autoclave for a short period of time. The bag can be placed in boiling water before heating.

Shrink Wrap: A method of wrapping a product or package with a shrink film and then heating to shrink the film to wrap the product or package.

Inflatable packaging: A method of packing the product into an airtight packaging container and replacing the original air in the container with nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases.

Vacuum packaging: A packaging method in which the product is packed in an airtight packaging container and the air inside the container is drawn, so that the sealed container can reach a predetermined degree of vacuum.

Quick-freeze package: A package that uses freeze- and moisture-resistant packaging materials and quick-freezing technology to enable frozen contents to be stored under refrigerated conditions for a longer period of time.

Clip chain ziplock bag: When the content is filled or removed, the plastic film bag can be repeatedly sealed and opened by the ribs and grooves at the opening.