Several processes for plastic box packaging

- May 10, 2018-

There are several technological aspects of plastic boxes that can be manufactured. The daily use of plastic pots is also considered to be a type of injection box. This type of manufacturing method is usually preceded by the production of molds. The precision of such molds is very high, and the difference between positive and negative is controlled to several wires. Injection molds are sealed and have many water-cooled channels. The principle is to dissolve the plastic of the pellets, inject it into the mold, and then release the product. The plastic boxes produced by injection molding have disposable lunch boxes, tool boxes for holding the workpieces, and some transparent plastic boxes: crystal boxes. Crystal box is generally used more electronic products.

        Now we focus on the discussion is another transparent plastic box. Its biggest difference with the injection box is that he does not use the mold injection molding process, he is processed out of a flat film, this plastic box belongs to the scope of the packaging industry; his process is characterized by the use of beer, dip, India Get a variety of shapes of boxes, whether it is a square plastic box, drum plastic box, triangle. The variety of forms of plastic boxes is qualitatively different from that of plastic boxes that are molded. Its soft lines are not as stiff as the injection box. For the surface treatment, it can get a mirror-like, clear water-like effect; it can also make a matte effect like a foggy day. In the richness of pattern colors, injection molded boxes cannot be produced and produced in batches. The printing of plastic boxes can be produced in large quantities and can also print a variety of colors and patterns. However, if an injection molded box is to be printed, it will not only be very limited in color, but because of their screen printing or pad printing, it is difficult for them to mass-produce. This is very important for the packaging industry. Many times, customers have a large number of plastic box packaging orders, which are completed within a short period of time and are subject to quality assurance. The plastic box is the only choice.

        Plastic box packaging has its unique position in the packaging industry. Now that the packaging industry is open to all flowers, each type of package has its own characteristics. Because of different processes and materials, the same shape of the packaging is produced in different packaging industries. Finally, it will have completely different results. It is precisely because of his diversity that the packaging will give the market more choices.

        Several kinds of plastic box packaging process is roughly the above two, the injection box, then the transparent plastic box produced with film. These arts have the same point in raw materials and are all plastic products. The difference is in the different processes used by the two industries. This also allows these two types of plastic boxes to be used in different industries: one will be used in large quantities to hold parts and one will be produced primarily for packaging purposes.

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