Several kinds of packaging of the protective shell of the mobile phone

- Apr 24, 2018-

       Mobile phone protective shell and mobile phone protective cover are popular products nowadays. China's about one billion population, a mobile phone, if each cell phone is to cover a protective shell, or a handset, then the market is very potential business opportunities. The packaging of mobile phone protection shell is usually PET plastic box as the outer box, then inside it is a PET blister.


       The demand for the protective shell of the mobile phone is so strong that the PET rubber box produced by our company, the plastic box is in short supply, and the customers are constantly asking if they can deliver the packing box in advance. Cell phone accessories industry has brought hope to many manufacturers of plastic packaging, often can see some manufacturers are basically only plastic packaging, plastic boxes, and other types of packaging box rare figure.

       PET glue box, the application of plastic inner support in protective shell (sleeve) is so much, it is so wide in the whole industry, which is inseparable from many industries engaged in this kind of processing in Guangdong area. Engaged in plastic packaging, the production of PET box in the mainland province is also a lot, but because the long haul not only does not have a price advantage, in time unlike the Dongguan plastic factory, Shenzhen plastic manufacturers can be very flexible. Therefore, because of different regions, although we are engaged in an industry, we have different pertinence. In the cell phone and the mobile phone, Shenzhen plastic box factory, Dongguan plastic production manufacturers because of the local production, occupied the sky, the profit, so, in the Guangdong area in the vicinity of the mobile phone industry, basically will choose the near plastic manufacturers.