PVC plastic box features and molding characteristics

- Apr 29, 2018-

PVC plastic box features:

Mechanical properties, excellent electrical properties, strong acid and alkali resistance, good chemical stability, but low softening point. Suitable for the production of thin plates, wire and cable insulation, seals and so on. The

PVC plastic box molding characteristics:

1, amorphous material, moisture absorption, poor fluidity, in order to improve mobility, to prevent the occurrence of air bubbles, plastic can be pre-drying, die casting system should be thick and short, gate cross-section should be large, there must be no dead ends, the mold must be cooled, the surface chrome. PVC plastic box

2, due to its corrosive and fluid characteristics, it is best to use special equipment and molds. All products must be added with different types and quantities of additives as required.

3, easy to decompose, at 200 degrees temperature with the steel, copper contact more easily decomposed, decomposition corrosion, irritating gas, molding temperature range.

4. When the screw-type injection machine nozzle is used, the hole diameter should be large to prevent dead material and dead materials, so as to avoid inserts, if any inserts should be warmed up.