PVC, PE, TPP Blister Pack Competition

- May 04, 2018-

At present, there are many plastic packaging products on the market, and the style is very much. The variety makes it difficult for consumers to choose, watching dazzling. Of course, there are a lot of blister factories now, resulting in more blister packaging products. How should we choose qualified blister packaging products? Here we go into today's topic together, PVCPETPP blister packaging box that material is better?

The general characteristics of PP materials can only be low temperature resistance, so the product can be refrigerated, generally used for supermarket meat, cooked food packaging, color but PP natural white, or PP other colors green, red can be.

In fact, there is a characteristic density of PP material is relatively low, so compared to other materials PVC, PET, etc. are relatively thin after the plastic molding, so when we design PP products, the material needs to be thicker than other materials.

Adhesive process of plastic packaging box is also based on the different material choices of different bonding methods, such as PVC packaging box adhesion is generally glued ordinary, the advantage is to landing the old books, and their own PVC packaging box on the control is easy; PET packaging The box bonding method is generally UV glue + UV lamp shining, because the PET box is zui not easy to glue the box; PP box adhesive method is generally PUR glue, the feature is not white, of course, can take Ordinary glue bonding. In addition to applying glue bonds, plastic packaging boxes can also use high frequency, ultrasonic bonding methods.

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