PVC packaging box custom requirements

- May 11, 2018-

The aesthetic design of meeting the consumer's PVC packaging box has become an important research topic for Shenzhen Xinhongyang packaging manufacturers. Simply putting a picture of a product on the packaging box has lacked aesthetics and it is difficult to urge consumers to create a desire to buy. Our designers inject a breath of new age into the design of the box and use abstraction to make the package more artistic. According to the customers who produce student stationery products, a PVC plastic box with a cartoon pattern and a cute image toy is custom-made for it, and the sales effect is quite satisfactory.

Xin Hong Yang PVC packaging box custom manufacturers will understand the customer's needs before the production, fit the actual effect and design for the consumer group of products. For example, juvenile products, packaging will tend to be vibrant, passionate and dynamic colors; children's PVC packaging box will be designed to be more lovely and lively, packaging materials, adhere to the use of new environmentally friendly materials, prevent children from eating and lead to adverse situations; if the product sales There are strong local characteristics, need to add local ethnic cultural patterns and dialects on the box.

In the prevailing era of plastic packaging, the characteristics of high transparency, comfortable texture, etc. make it gradually replace other packaging products, elegant appearance, giving the product a second vitality.

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