PVC material science

- Apr 26, 2018-

         The original original state of PVC is a white powder. The products made by its later processing are a lot of our life around: toys, car parts, plastic packaging, plastic boxes, plastic bags, plastic bottles... The number is very much, not a victory. PVC is the abbreviation of English. Its chemical name is PVC. A common plastic raw material was discovered by scientists in the 80s of last century.

         Modern PVC is processed by later processing, supplemented by various additives. This material can be applied in many fields: daily use, military and aerospace. There's a shadow everywhere. With the rapid development of science and technology, people have great dependence on this material. Life without PVC will be inconvenient everywhere. There are probably these types of products in PVC:

1, profile, pipe

Pipes, profiles and profiles are the largest areas of PVC consumption in China. Modern China is in the urbanization, a large number of people migrate to the city, which directly leads to the housing demand. The large scale application of pipes and profiles accounts for about half of the total consumption of PVC, which is mainly used for making doors and windows and energy saving materials.

2, PVC film

PVC film field is also a huge market, with very high economic effect. After mixing and plasticizing with additives, PVC is made of three roll or four roll calender to make the transparent or coloured film of the specified thickness. This method is used to process the film and become a calendering film. The packaging bags, raincoats, tablecloths, drapes and inflatable toys can also be processed through tailoring and heating. The wide transparent film can be used for greenhouse, plastic greenhouse and plastic film. Biaxially stretched films can be used for shrink packaging due to their thermal shrinkage characteristics.

3, PVC hard wood and plate

The stabilizers, lubricants and fillers are added to the PVC. After mixing, the extruder can be extruded out of various caliber hard tubes, special-shaped tubes and bellows. It is used as a pipe, water pipe, wire sleeve or staircase armrest. The rolled sheets are overlapped and hot pressed to make hard sheets of various thickness. The sheet can be cut into the desired shape, and then the PVC electrode is welded with hot air to various chemical resistant storage tanks, air ducts and containers.

4, PVC general soft products

The extruder can be squeezed into hose, cable, wire and so on. The plastic sandals, sole, slippers, toys and auto parts can be made with the injection molding machine and various moulds.

5, packaging materials

PVC products are mainly used in packaging for various containers, thin films and hard pieces. The hard chip is used to process plastic packaging, plastic box packaging, and PVC made of plastic packing box with good transparency. It has been welcomed by the market. PVC containers mainly produce mineral water, beverages, cosmetic bottles, and also for refined oil packaging. The PVC film can be used for CO extrusion with other polymers to produce laminated products with low cost and transparent products with good barrier properties. PVC film can also be used for tensile or heat shrinkable packaging, for packaging mattresses, cloth, toys and industrial goods, electronic consumer goods, like all the current mobile phone packaging, many have a layer of transparent adhesive paper, it is the PVC blowing film.

6, wallboard and floor

PVC wall panels are mainly used to replace aluminum wall panels. In addition to a part of PVC resin in PVC floor tiles, the other components are recycled materials, adhesives, fillers and other components, which are mainly used in the hard ground of airport terminal ground and other places.

7, consumer goods for daily use

Luggage is a traditional product made by PVC. PVC is used to make all kinds of imitation leather for luggage and sports, such as basketball, football and rugby. It can also be used for making belts for uniforms and special protective equipment. PVC fabrics for clothing are generally absorbent fabrics (no need to be coated), such as poncho, baby pants, imitation leather jackets and various kinds of rain boots. Polyvinyl chloride is used in many sports and entertainment products, such as toys, records and sports goods, polyvinyl chloride toys and sports products have increased greatly, because of their low production cost and easy forming.

8, PVC coating products

Artificial leather with substrate is plasticized with PVC paste on cloth or paper, and then plasticized at more than 100 C. PVC can also be calendering with auxiliaries to form a thin film and then pressed onto the substrate. The artificial leather without substrate is rolled directly into a soft thin sheet of a certain thickness directly by the calender, and then pressed onto the pattern. Artificial leather can be used to make leather bags, leather bags, book covers, sofa and car cushions, and floor leather for building paving materials.

9, PVC foam products

When the soft PVC is mixed, a suitable amount of foaming agent is made into sheet material, and the foam is molded into foam plastic. It can be used as foam slippers, sandals, insoles, and shock proof cushioning packaging materials. It can also be used as a new building material by using extruder base to form low foamed PVC plates and profiles.