PVC cylinder packing box looks beautiful

- May 04, 2018-

Production process

1. Plate making: Nowadays, CTP plate making is commonly used in plastic box making.

2. Selection of materials: General plastic box packaging uses PET, PVC, PP and other materials, PVC, PET thickness are mostly ranging from 0.10-0.0.55, PP can be as thick as 0.75MM, because the material is too thick The plastic box is too hard and the appearance looks very dull.

3, printing: outside the plastic box is not printed, zui more than just silk screen, because the plastic box is the outer box, so the printing process requires a very high, zui taboo color differences, ink spots, fade these aesthetic shortcomings.

4, surface treatment: plastic box packaging usually do surface treatment, the common is the light glue, too dumb glue, over uv, light oil, over matte oil. It is also what we call the offset printing.

5, beer (die cutting): beer is a more important part of the printing process, to be quasi-brake needs to be accurate, if the beer is not allowed, beer bias, beer, which will continue to seriously affect the subsequent processing.

6, film: the general print is the first film after the beer, but the plastic box is the first beer after the film, one is afraid of getting flower packaging, and the other is the plastic box pay attention to the overall appearance, the plastic box membrane material need to be manual Production, in order to achieve a certain degree of beauty.

7. Sticky box: after the laminating machine, need to go through the sticky box process (automatic stick box, artificial stick box), sticky box need to pay attention to the choice of glue, different materials need different types of glue.

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