PVC cosmetics packaging design with the principle of color!

- May 10, 2018-

Packaging Design Printing includes design and printing of alcohol packaging, candy packaging design printing, pharmaceutical packaging design printing, health product packaging design printing, wine packaging design printing, pharmaceutical packaging design printing, food packaging design printing, merchandise packaging design printing, tea packaging Design and printing, moon cake box packaging design and printing, handbag packaging design and printing, liquor packaging design and printing, electronic product packaging design and printing, carton packaging design and printing, perfume packaging design and printing, clothing packaging and other packaging design printing. Graded packaging box design is slightly: Consumers' psychological needs for packaging are also different because of differences in economic income, consumption purposes, education level, aesthetic standards, and age levels. Therefore, companies should develop different levels of packaging strategies for different levels of consumer demand characteristics in order to compete for consumer groups at all levels and increase market share. Convenient packaging design strategy: From the perspective of consumer use, the packaging design features portable, open, used or reusable structural features, such as portable, pull ring, button, roll open, tear Such as easy-opening packaging structure, etc., in order to win the goodwill of consumers. Supporting packaging box design strategy: The company will package and sell the related series of products. This packaging strategy is conducive to the promotion of sales of multiple products, while also improving product quality.

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