PVC color printing plastic box several design concept introduction!

- May 05, 2018-

(1) Abstract idea

         The abstract idea approach refers to the use of abstract symbols to represent the image of a commodity package, and to visualize the abstract elements of the point, line, and face. In today's color box packaging design image, the use frequency of abstract elements is increasing day by day. The more high-end product packaging applications are, the more because the abstract elements of points, lines and surfaces have their own advantages.

         The abstract painter Kandinsky said in the discussion of the features and functions of the point and line surface: "Points, lines, and faces are the most basic languages and units of plastic arts. They have symbolic and graphic features, and can express different personalities and rich connotations. Its abstract form gives the art an inner essence and an extraordinary spirit.” In the packaging design, the image is organized through the relationship of dots, lines, and surfaces with black, white, and gray, giving people a more ideal packaging effect. .

(2) Associative idea

         The associative idea is to create associations through the information transmitted by the package. This way of thinking can enhance people's imagination space, from the association to the second, the packaging elements associated with the product, the packaging design associated with the product culture.

        A good form of design can enhance the appeal of the product to a certain extent and play a supporting role in shaping the brand. In the color box design element, the color is more associative, and the color used in the packaging of the product will make consumers associate, induce various emotions, and make the purchasing psychology change. For example, cleaning products use more cool colors, especially blue, giving people a fresh and clean feeling. In the drawing of food packaging, using orange or orange red can remind people of the harvest and maturity, which causes the appetite of the customer and triggers the purchase.

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