PVC color printing plastic box custom points

- Apr 25, 2018-

         To sort out the rich cultural connotations of local packaging design, it is not difficult to find that the combination of traditional culture with contemporary design of PVC color printing plastic box is more in line with consumer requirements than other single-type commodity packaging. The plastic box manufacturer is good at striving for a stable cultural pattern based on packaging design, constantly injecting new contents of product packaging into social culture, and continuously producing new packaging plastic boxes that are advancing with the times. The demand for packaging innovation by consumers has eagerly forced our manufacturers to develop and create, promote technological progress, and only provide customers with a tailor-made plastic box solution for product sales, and proceeded to upgrade the package body, materials, and printing. , giving customers a better customized experience at a lower custom price.


          Packaging has a direct, artistic image of the product in the sales process that allows consumers to make purchases. PVC printing plastic box surface using UV printing, bronzing hot silver process shows the product and packaging exquisite, modeling we choose to use the bottom square buckle mode to facilitate consumers to take products. The high transparency enables consumers to see the products inside the package at first glance, and the flat product itself is not visible after some packaging. Only the experienced plastic box manufacturer can produce plastic packaging boxes that people love to spare. Our plastic box manufacturers have been using new environmental protection packaging materials. The novelty and exquisite style has a variety of packaging and storage functions, and it is sturdy and durable.

          In the development of the transparent PVC color printing plastic box, it accurately grasps the interaction between culture and function, history and reality, ethnic culture and foreign culture, design concepts and packaging symbols and other factors, and can guide people’s consumption choices in commodity marketing activities. Improve the quality of fashion consumption.