Production of plastic box packaging

- Apr 26, 2018-

        The plastic box packing box usually exists in the form of outer packing. Each of our customers wants our glue boxes to be beautiful to allow their products to be more easily accepted by consumers in our rubber box packaging, which involves the manufacturing of the rubber boxes and the structure and printing design of the early stage.

        The property of the glue box is not only a box for the product, it is more embodied in the aesthetic sense of the consumer business. The design style of the rubber box is easier to be accepted by the consumer. A large number of statistics show that the proper packaging is the key to the best selling of the goods.

        We have this idea, in every design and production process, we have been transposition thinking, standing in the perspective of consumers to look at the appearance of our rubber box and print patterns and content.

        Now the production of plastic box manufacturers and factories, regardless of size, production processes are basically the same. The raw material of the plastic box is film coiled material, with a general weight of 50KG. When ordering the recycled materials, the roll must be leveled and cut through the membrane. After these processes, a sheet of plastic box can be produced directly. Later production and production is mainly based on beer, dip and packaging. This is just a general talk and a few words have been taken. In fact, every process flow is strictly controlled, which is the guarantee of quality products. The quality of the plastic box and the general quality of the plastic box, if put together for comparison, many places can see the difference. The permeability of the material, whether there is any impurity, whether there is scratch, whether the color of the printing is chromatic aberration... The contrast of every detail is the contrast of every production process.

        In the current packaging market, the proportion of plastic boxes is increasing. Compared with paper box, he has its advantages, but not his shortcomings. More importantly, many customers need the packaging effect is no way to achieve, so the market demand for plastic box packaging is rising year by year, as a new form of packaging, the vitality of the box is undoubtedly very vigorous.