PP transparent packaging plastic box design reflected in what?

- May 10, 2018-

The characteristics of the design of plastic packaging boxes are mainly reflected in the aspects of practicality, aesthetics, economy, creativity and relevance. Practicality is one of the basic attributes of design. It mainly considers the function and function of the product. It can be embodied through the materials, structures, shapes, and patterns of the package. Different products have different functions and functions, and the requirements for practical design of plastic packaging boxes are also different. The aesthetic requirements combine various factors to design a packaging product design that conforms to the characteristics of the times, national characteristics, and aesthetics. Economicality is the result of making the most of a product with the least amount of capital invested. Self-initiativeness is to be good at brand new innovations, without leaving the society and the times, and implying new creations in the superficial forms. Each of the above points has its own independence and correlation. It has important guiding significance for the design work and requires full consideration when designing.

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