PP plastic box plastic packaging flat design terminology

- May 05, 2018-

1. Ratio: refers to the quantitative relationship between parts and parts, or between parts and the whole. The proportion is an important factor that constitutes the size of all units in the design, as well as the arrangement of the units.

2. Center of gravity: The center point of the picture is the visual center of gravity. The change of the outline of the picture image, the dispersion of the figure, the distribution of color or light and shade can all affect the visual center.

3. Rhythm: The rhythm, which has a sense of time, is used to refer to the sense of motion that results from continuous repetition of the same elements in the composition design. For example, we are looking at the plane rendering of the box.

4. Rhythm: The simple combination of elements in the plane structure is easy to monotonously repeat, and is arranged by the ratio or ratio between the images or the color groups with regular changes, so as to make the rhythm of music become rhythm.

5. Harmony: Understanding from a narrow sense, the harmonious graphic design is not monotonous or disorganized between unity and contrast. In a broad sense, when judging the relationship between two or more elements or parts and parts, the feeling and consciousness that each part gives us is an overall coordinated relationship.

6. Contrast: also known as control, the two elements with great contrast in quality or quantity are successfully grouped together, which makes people feel strong and unified, and make the subject more vivid and works more active.

7. Symmetry: Assume that a vertical line is set in the middle of a figure. The figure is divided into two equal parts. The graphs of the left and right parts are completely equal. This is a symmetry chart.

8. Balance: Physically understood refers to the relationship between the weights, in the graphic design, refers to the balance between the image's shape, size, weight, color, and material distribution and visual judgment.

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