PP plastic box and glue box

- Apr 26, 2018-

        The chemical name of PP plastic and rubber box is the chemical name of polypropylene. After the modified molecular structure, the material of PP is heat-resistant, corrosion resistant and stable under cold conditions. Only the PP material is aging easily, and the long storage will affect the quality.

        The heat resistance of PP material is the best kind of plastic and plastic box. Under the boiling point of one hundred degrees centigrade, PP material will not produce any deformation and material volatilization. The molecular structure of PP is very neat and has a very good resistance to bending fatigue. These properties make PP material in a large proportion in the baby market. Most of the baby's bottles are made of PP materials, and the bottles often pour hot water, and the heat resistance of the PP is excellent. His stable molecular composition makes it a matter of no harm to the human body. In this case, PP is a very safe plastic, more safe than PET.

        The safety and innocuity of PP material is not only in the infant market, but also in the packaging of baby bottles, bottles, plastic toys, etc. PP is also used in many industrial products. Now more and more PP plastic pipes are replaced by previous stainless steel pipes. PP will not rust, and it is not easy to age. The cost is lower than that of stainless steel, which is in line with economic effect.

        Plastic packaging box, the PP material on the printing box is mainly used in the use of plastic boxes in the food, glue boxes, more also used to package infants and children's appliances. Now the formal dining room is packed, and the hard box is mostly made by the PP plastic box. Compared to the traditional foam box, he is more secure and stronger, and will not break easily like a foam. Believe that the market, PP material blister box will have more and more use and share.