PP packaging green, high chemical stability

- May 04, 2018-

PP packaging box is one of the hot selling products of Shenzhen Xinhongyang Packing Co., Ltd. This product has high chemical stability, good heat resistance, lighter weight, and low shrinkage, which won the praise of the majority of consumers!

1. The boxed packaging container made of PP packaging box has a small density, light weight, good rigidity and low shrinkage;

2, toughness is poor at low temperatures, high strength, good heat resistance, high chemical stability, is a non-toxic environmentally friendly products, the appearance can achieve transparent and matte effect.

3, PP products used for packaging products are often used in baby products (baby bottles, nipples, etc.).

PP film accounts for about 10% of the amount of PP, which is characterized by transparency and surface gloss close to cellophane, but the softness is not good, hand kneading sound; high strength, can be used for heavy packaging materials; oxygen permeability is only HDPE film 30%, suitable for moisture-proof packaging materials, such as senior clothing, medicines, cigarettes and other packaging. PP film has good heat resistance and can be boiled and sterilized for packaging of frozen and fresh foods. The PP film has good electrical insulation properties, and the heat-setting oriented film can be used as an insulating material for capacitors, motors, and transformers, and is even better than a PET film. The PP biaxially oriented film (BOPP) has good strength, transparency and gloss, and can be used for typewriter belts, adhesive tape base films, cigarette packaging films, and the like.

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