PP packaging box customization process

- May 04, 2018-

1. sample: decide the product pattern according to the drawing or creativity provided by the customer.

2. proofing, after the confirmation of the manuscript, we can provide light body, inkjet, traditional small machine proofing, screen printing and printing machine proofing according to customer requirements.

3. the factory according to the single feed, the material is cut into pieces according to the size of the glue box, and the film is to protect the finished product box from being rubbed or scraping during the production and transportation.

4. printing: color printing, silk screen, or bronzing, hot silver

5. to prevent scraping of oil and die cutting: spread the packaging unique anti scraping oil, let the mirror box no matter in the logistics, supermarket display customers repeatedly and so on in a variety of environment effective anti scraping. Die cutting is an important link in the process of making glue box. To be accurate, it must be done by the tool die. If the pressure is not accurate, the pressure is biased, and the pressure will have a serious effect on the subsequent processing.

6. clear waste, tear film. Clean the plastic box and remove the box hole. Tear film with the whole or sticky edge.

7. gluing, bottling, packing and packing