PP Blister and APET Blister which is more in line with food blister

- May 04, 2018-

With the constant pursuit of health and hygiene requirements, more and more food-grade blister words have entered the market. Which is the real food grade blister?

Let's take a brief look at a few materials about blister:

1, APET environmental protection sign is 1, APET is called environmental protection material in the industry, there may be many people can not fully understand, what is environmental protection material, the material of environmental protection material means that in the production and use of the environment will not pollute the environment, Environmentally friendly materials. Many people will ask whether environmental protection materials are food grades. In fact, the food level is a very general one. The food level depends on what criteria it uses. Different standards also differ in their conformity. However, we found in the daily production that many foods are packed with APET, such as ice cream, cakes, soup bowls and so on. So do they meet the food grade? Of course, it is in line with, why do you say this, because the harm to the human body is small, in line with the general food standards, so do simple food blister, you can use APET as a raw material.

2. The PP environmental protection mark is 5, and PP is called food grade plastic in the industry. This is generally recognized as the PP has the most items in the food-grade standard. This is mainly related to the materials it produces, but PP is There are unfavorable deficiencies in the use of the packaging. For example, there is no APET application in addition to the deduction, and the hardness is not APET. However, PP blister also has its own advantages, PP blister can not only be high temperature, but also low temperature resistance, and food grade is the highest in the plastic industry.

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