Plastic tray production technology

- Apr 25, 2018-

The plastic tray is also called plastic inner tray, and the plastic hard sheet is made into a special grooved plastic by a plastic suction process, and the product is placed in the groove to protect and beautify the product. There are also transportable trays and trays. Most of the use is based on convenience.

(Plastic Trays) The only raw materials for plastic products are plastic sheets. The thickness of the film is generally no more than 1.5mm. Commonly used sheets include: PVC, PET, PP, PS, and flocked sheets and gold-plated sheets. And anti-static sheet.


Double plastic tray

(1) The double-layer plastic tray consists of a self-locking top cover and a bottom bracket and a foldable surrounding panel to form a complete set of combined plastic trays, and the top cover and the bottom tray are made of HDPE. Double-layer disposable plastic molding process. The middle panel can be made of PP (polypropylene resin) plastic hollow board or seven layers of corrugated cardboard to make the folding hoarding. The

(2) The whole system is designed for reciprocating cycles. The top cover and bottom tray can be recycled for up to 10 years. Plastic hoardings and corrugated cardboard hoardings can also be recycled and replaced many times. This design can greatly reduce the customer's logistics operations and storage costs. The

(3) The hoardings in the tray are all designed to be foldable. The top cover and the bottom bracket can be embedded or stacked, which can save 50% of the storage space compared with the traditional packaging. The

(4) The blister top cover and the bottom bracket are made of two HDPE sheets in one-time blister molding, which is sturdy and durable! The

(5) Is it convenient to assemble or disassemble the plastic trays? Without any tools, one person can complete the disassembly or assembly within minutes. The top cover and bottom bracket are each designed with four quick-locking clasps, which can buckle the hoardings. Therefore, no need for bundling, saving the packing materials and labor costs.

The use of plastic trays

There are many kinds of plastic trays, and tray products are one of the types of plastic in the plastic industry. Such trays are strong in terms of strength. According to the morphological structure and weight of the articles, they are suitable for tray packaging, and there are also many material thicknesses. Different, depending on the packaging needs of packaging items to make a choice, such plastic trays are often used in the electronics industry, toy industry, stationery industry, technology products industry, cosmetics industry, health products industry and so on. For use, the commonly used materials for such trays include PVC and PS hard film. Generally, the transparent plastic tray is commonly used in packaging. Other colors can be selected according to individual needs.