Plastic suction classification

- May 03, 2018-

In simple terms, blister packaging is the general term for producing plastic products using blister process and packaging products with corresponding equipment. Next, we divide the blister box from three aspects: material, use and structure.

From the material, the plastic packaging is mainly composed of four materials, PVC, APET, PP and HIPS. The same material has a common plastic packing box with flocking or anti static plastic packaging box. The packaging materials of different materials are different in structure and usage. For example, PP material is soft, but it can withstand high and low temperature, and is safe and environmental friendly. It can be directly contacted with food, so it is generally used as the main material of food blister packaging box.

From the point of view of usage, blister box is widely used in all walks of life for its strong applicability. For example, electronics, stationery, toys, hardware, food, daily chemical gifts, handicrafts, medical equipment and so on.

From a structural point of view, blister boxes can be divided into plastic tray, Blister Blister, blister inner tray and so on. The plastic tray is mainly used for transporting and protecting products, mainly used in fruit, vegetable and electronic tray, and the plastic blister shell is the function of decorating and enhancing the added value of the product with the cardboard, and the sucking inside is a stable and protective effect for the product.