Plastic packing box package

- Apr 24, 2018-

The glue box and the bubble shell are natural brothers, both of which often exist alone or match with other packages. We often see that the paper packaging should be equipped with an inner support, which is not only beautiful, but also for fixing and protecting products. We often also have a transparent plastic box outside a beautifully wrapped paper product, which looks like a more upscale appearance. These are not special cases, but also conventional packaging.

In many cases, a plastic box will have a blister. The surface of the glue box is connected to six sides, the straight top and the square shape are very visually striking. Because of the smooth surface, the glue box is also easy to make various patterns of printing design process. But all things can not be all the way, glue box because of smooth straight lines, and many products have various shapes and structures, in the subtle, glue box is not able to fit the product. And at this point, the plastic can be made to build, in every corner, each node can be fully attached to the product, in most cases, whatever shape and arc of the product can make a suction inside the shape of his shape, the product has no extra space in the bubble, so that the product is not beautiful. It will shake.

The function of blister is obvious. It is combined with all kinds of plastic boxes. To make use of the material characteristics of blister and plastic box, many beautiful products can be produced. There are no lack of successful cases. Most electronic products, such as plastic boxes for mobile power supply and transparent packaging boxes of data lines, appear in this form. The plastic box will have a blister inner support, so that the product will be firmly placed inside, beautiful and can withstand transportation bumpy.

Our company has many years of experience in the production design of plastic box and plastic box. Many kinds of packaging products have been produced. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit our factory.