Plastic packaging material has many advantages

- Apr 23, 2018-

(1) Small weight and light weight. Although the specific gravity of plastics is smaller than that of other packaging materials, their strength/weight ratio is relatively large, making it possible to replace some of the stronger materials for making larger load-bearing packaging containers (such as barrels, baskets, boxes, etc.). ). The small proportion of packaging materials and containers themselves can save handling and transportation costs.

(2) A wide variety of plastics have different personalities and can adapt to the requirements of different commodity packaging functions. Plastics can take various modification methods (copolymerization, blending, grafting, etc.) to improve their physical and chemical properties to meet special packaging requirements.

(3) Good processing of plastics

(4) Plastics can be made into transparent or differently colored packaging materials and containers for printing, bronzing, vacuum metallization and embossing.

(5) Plastics are rich in resources and use less energy.