Plastic packaging has become the mainstream of packaging cosmetics

- Apr 28, 2018-


Cosmetic packaging is the most stable type of glass packaging in the competition between plastics and glass. With the continuous development of a variety of new plastic materials, such as glass - like plastic packaging, with its rich color than glass packaging and convenient processing performance, is quietly entering the high-end cosmetic packaging market, with a more rich image to reveal the charm of cosmetics.

New materials, new technologies and new technologies are emerging, providing a richer choice for cosmetic packaging design. In order to achieve the desired results, designers and packaging manufacturers tirelessly develop the most perfect packaging design.

Transparent material

Transparent texture is one of the important trends in cosmetic packaging. Transparent and bright appearance, rich and imaginative shape make cosmetics suppliers more attractive to transparent packaging. High-end cosmetics are divided into consumers' favorite. Transparent packaging gives people a sense of purity and modernity. Special structural design can also produce wonderful results.