PET plastic box processing surface treatment

- May 14, 2018-

PET plastic box Making plate: CTP plate making is now widely used in plastic box making. Selection of materials: General plastic box packaging are used PET, PVC, PP and other materials, PVC, PET thickness are mostly ranging from 0.10-0.0.55, PP can be as thick as 0.75MM, because the material is too thick and out of the plastic box Too hard, the appearance looks very dull.

The gloss of the plastic box refers to the degree of specular reflection on the surface of the plastic box and is expressed as a percentage. The higher the gloss of the plastic box is, the more mirror-like the light reflected on the surface of the plastic box, the brighter the appearance characteristics.

 PET plastic box In fact, the surface of the plastic box in addition to specular reflection, there is also a diffuse reflection, so that the gloss of the plastic case decreases. High-gloss plastic box raw materials, printing ink color is also more vivid, ink visual effects are also good printing: plastic box is not printed outside, at most only silk screen, because the plastic box is the outer box, so the printing process is very high The most taboo color differences, ink spots, and fades affect the shortcomings of the aesthetic.

 PET plastic box Surface treatment: plastic box packaging usually do surface treatment, common is the light glue, too dumb glue, too uv, over gloss oil, over matte oil. It is also what we call the offset printing. Beer (die cutting): Beer is an important part of the printing process. It must be quasi-matchable if you want beer. If the beer is not allowed, the beer will be biased and the beer will continue to affect the subsequent processing.

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