PET Adhesive Box Used as Cell Phone Holster or Protective Case

- May 07, 2018-

PET plastic box is good in transparency and exquisite printing does not fade. It is suitable for the outer packaging of mobile phone case, etc. The main advantages are reflected in the following points:

1.The PET box has good transparence and transparency, and the box body touch feels good. The box body is exquisitely high grade, which can increase the added value of the mobile phone leather case, flat leather case or protective case; more importantly, it is conducive to publicity and promotion of corporate image.

2. The materials used in the PET box are environmentally friendly materials.

3. The mobile phone case or protective case under the beautiful package still allows customers to clearly see the true features of the holster or the protective case. Its ‘transparency’ feature is a highly value-added promotional tool for publicity and effectiveness!

4. PET box sound can be printed without transparency, the products inside the box, consumers can see at a glance, quickly attract consumers' vision. The PET box can also be printed with a distinctive pattern of outer box designs, such as a fine pattern printed with UV ink or hot silver or hollow.

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