Patterns and colors are factors that make a brand's packaging prominent

- May 07, 2018-

Color plays a particularly important role in packaging design, especially in transparent plastic boxes. In the highly competitive commodity market, products must have distinctive visual features that distinguish them from other products, and are more tempting to appeal to consumers, stimulating and guiding consumption. , And enhance people's memory of the brand, which are inseparable from the design and use of color.

Japanese color expert Da Zhihao had done in-depth research on the color design of packaging. In his book Color Fundamentals, he proposed the following eight requirements for packaging color design:

1. Whether packaging colors can be clearly identified in competitive products;

2. Is it a good symbol of product content;

3. Whether the color is in harmony with other design factors and effectively represents the quality and weight of the product;

4. Whether it is accepted by the product purchaser;

5, whether it is a higher degree of visibility, and can have a good set of characters on the text;

6, the effect of a single package and stacking effect of multiple packages;

7, color in different markets, different display environments are full of vitality;

8. Whether the color of the product is not limited by the color management and printing, the effect is the same.

These requirements are undoubtedly realistic in the practice of color design for commodity packaging. With the diversification of consumer demand and the segmentation of the commodity market, the requirements for brand packaging design have become increasingly strict and meticulous. In order to more accurately grasp the different requirements of different types of product packaging color design, we can classify the consumer goods into three categories, and put forward the specific requirements for color design respectively:

The first category, luxury goods. Such as cosmetics in the high-end perfumes, soaps and women's clothing products, etc.; men use such as cigarettes, alcohol, high-grade candy, chocolate, exotic luxury specialty products. This kind of product requires a unique personality in particular. The color design needs a special sense of atmosphere and a high price and a sense of luxury. For example, French high-end perfumes or cosmetics have mysterious charm and incredible atmosphere, showing the romantic atmosphere of Paris. This kind of product should be elegantly designed regardless of the package type or color. For another example, men's taste of whisky, packaging design should have a special atmosphere of the nobles living in the 18th century, cigarette packaging design requires a noble sense of temperament. The cigarettes of KENT cigarettes are white in color. A white ancient castle stands in white and is adorned with the golden "KENT" trademark. It reminds people of the noble life in ancient castles. . The background color of the Camel cigarette case is pale yellow, which means that the vast desert. Pyramids and palm trees on a background pattern represent the ancient East, giving a mysterious and primitive feeling. The packaging of such products should give people a feeling of high-priced brand names. Domestic "Moutai", "Wuliangye", "Shanghai Huzhou Laojiao", "China Tobacco", "Yinyan" and other superb packaging are also beginning to design to international brand names.

The second category is the foods needed for daily life, such as canned foods, biscuits, condiments, coffee, and black tea. The color design of such product packaging should have two features:

(1) Arousing consumer appetite;

(2) To deliberately highlight the product image, such as mineral water packaging using sky blue, suggesting cool and pure, and fully transparent plastic bottles, fully display the characteristics of the product. At present, this type of product in China is more successful in food, beverage, and mineral water in Guangdong.

The third category is popular commodities, such as middle and low-grade cosmetics, soap, and health protection products. Such products are positioned in the popular market, and their packaging color design requirements:

(1) To show a sense of atmosphere that is easy to get close to;

(2) To demonstrate the high quality of the product;

(3) It enables consumers to identify the brand in a short period of time.