Packaging program for plastic packaging materials

- May 03, 2018-

          The quantity of products packed into the outer packing box should be in accordance with the corresponding product packaging technical standards, and be firmly fixed to ensure that products do not collide with each other. The contact parts of the fixed products should be covered with corrugated cardboard (thick package) or rigid foam, and be suitably fixed on wooden edges. Two. Basic requirements for unpacked products should be stored in rain proof, ventilated and dry places. And the product is padded to prevent moisture and damage. The product must be inspected by the quality inspection department and accompanied by a product qualification certificate. The product must be inspected by the packaging inspector before packing. Dust and other dirt must be cleaned before packing. The whole packaging process must be cleaned to ensure packaging quality. The explosion-proof electrical products and power transmission control devices should be covered with plastic bags and then reloaded into the packing box. The outer packing products with simple packaging must be packed in plastic bags first. The products in the box must be securely fixed and should not be moved. The fixing method is selected according to the structure of the product, bolted or tightly pressed with wood block. When using wooden block (block) to fix products, the weak parts of pads and pressing products shall be strictly prohibited, for example, electric control products with glass doors and so on. When the quality of the packaged product is above 50kg or the volume of the packing box is above 1m3, the angle of the iron bag must be fastened to the corner of the box gear. The wooden case, fiber board box, and power transmission control equipment for the end plate are the whole plate, and the steel belt must be fastened to the wooden box after the wooden case is sealed. Each side of the wooden box is nailed on each side. From the date of delivery, the protection period of the packing box is 1 years under normal storage and transportation conditions. During this period, the packaged products should be intact.

         The influence of the raw material on the appearance of the finished product is explained by the definition of the details when the plastic sheet has been made into the finished product by hot compression molding. The accuracy of the mold's contour molding standard is the very small radius of the circle to see the surface and surface of the mold (leather and wood). The details are the following factors: plastic sheet thickness molding plate molding temperature vacuum molding force injection molding mold temperature mold exhaust system thickness direction LED elongated high impact polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS and PPE are molding products, for clarity, good plastic. Some achievements of PC, APET and PVC can only get enough clarity under certain conditions. Select the higher molding temperature and the accuracy of the details. The only crystalline plastic, such as APET, is an exception to the cardiopulmonary exercise test. If the material thickness is greater than 4mm, the blister sheet will become thinner after being molded, so that we can get a better definition of detail. We must have enough materials to heat it. If necessary, you can reduce the heating intensity and the heating cycle for a long time. The greater the force, the easier it is to be high definition. Please note: many plastic sheets, forming machine force (such as vacuum molding), to compensate for the higher molding temperature. The above criteria also apply to the height / width ratio of the drawings in the area to 4:1 or 1:2. At higher temperatures, even larger drawing, it is difficult to obtain uniform wall thickness. The vacuum forming die has higher temperature and better detail definition. Press molding, mold temperature is to increase the molding pressure to make up for deficiencies. This method is usually used to shape the old age pension plan board and can not use cold mold for better product details. If the surface is molded on the surface of the project structure, the importance of making the best mold must be heated to the glass transition temperature near the material. More detailed details can be defined for a good exhaust mold. When the air is wrapped in the plane of the mold or structure, the forming structure is very shallow, and the surface is smooth. A larger overall draft is more conducive to achieving high definition. Vacuum molding and plastic molding will remain flexible and not completely plasticized. In order to make the product better detail clarity, increase the overall drawing, the molding force is bigger.