Packaging product modeling pays attention to formal beauty

- May 11, 2018-

The packaging container conforms to all the needs of the protection function, the use of functions, examples of profit function, sales function and in line with the premise of the technology, how to make the packaging design more beautiful, so that people will use the goods at the same time will bring a spiritual feeling beauty and art Taste, desire to buy, and promote more people to buy. What form is beautiful? There are many forms of beauty. Here are some examples.

First, beautiful changes and unification

Variety, beauty.

Unity - harmony, unity, connection and regularity.

In the plastic arts, there is no change in the unification of light, and there are changes in shapes that are full of vitality and appeal. On the contrary, there is a chaotic and disorderly change, a unity, shape will be harmonious, the whole beautiful and generous. Therefore, changes in the shape of the container and the unity of the United States should be a unified change.

The best way to change is to make a change.

Using the method of product comparison, find common advantages and combine them. There are many kinds of comparisons.

1. Linear contrast

The shape mainly refers to the outer contour. Lines, large arcs, micro arcs, large arcs, micro arcs, long lines, short lines, and other shapes determine the shape of the shape. The contrast between different shapes of the lines is a linear comparison of the shapes.

1) Unified changes

If the entire shape is a combination of linear shapes, the model of absolute harmony appears to be monotonous, but if this form is dominant and another linear complement is chosen, the shape change in the unification is vivid.

2) Finding Unity in Changes

The following method is used to determine the excessive contrast change of the linear combination model:

(1) Infiltration between linears.

(2) Treat the comparison line as a coherent, organized, regularized form.

(3) The relationship between these two lines constitutes a certain internal connection and is handled in accordance with certain rules and methods. Although the shape is combined with large arcs and large lines, there is a certain intrinsic link between linear form and unity.

2, volume comparison

The shape of the container is a certain volume, so we can also study the shape change from the volume of the container. Volume refers to the weight of each part of the body, with a clear demarcation line. The volume comparison is a comparison of the weight of each roll. We can consider from two aspects.

1) Comparison of the volume of the same shape

The same shape, if it is equal, is absolutely uniform, but it is often tedious. If the size of the body is in contrast, it will change.

2) Comparing the volume of the shape

The volume of contrast shapes was compared by the following methods: (1) Mutual infiltration between different shapes and connecting them.

(2) Adopting the transitional method, which gradually transitions from one form to another. (3) To increase the volume ratio between the heteromorphisms, so that a small part of the aluminum foil is larger, makes people feel more prominent, more distinctive, and to a certain extent, can make a small part more detailed and more complex.

The number of bodies in various parts of the model sometimes requires indefinite shapes and functions. We must deal with each type of relationship so that the shape has an overall harmonious beauty.

The contrast between space and reality

Container shape is three-dimensional, it occupies a certain space. The real space is the space actually occupied by the container. The virtual space is the space around and around the entity.

Using the contrast of the virtual reality space to achieve the shape change can make the shape become rich in life and interesting.

3, the comparison of space and reality

There are three aspects of the contrast between space and reality:

1) The comparison, coordination and processing of virtual reality space can make graphics appear richer and more inspiring.

2) The same theme, but the virtual space of attachment and development is different, and the atmosphere of modeling is also different.

3) Emphasis on physical space entities appears stable and generous. But it's easy to emphasize empty spatial entities. Whether it is a real space

There are still empty spaces that must interact with each other and exist. There must be some inexplicable gaps.

Second, repetition and echo beauty

The reappearance of the beauty of plastic art is the main feature of the model, the main style, and the repetition of the regularity, repetition, so that the modelling presents a changing art, with repeated echoing beauty. For example, a series of cosmetic designs, some of which use linear modeling repetition, some completely cover some of the repeated or some decorative materials are the same, and so on, with these repeated factors with the series design.

Third, the rhythm and rhythm of the project

Rhythm and rhythm are rational, orderly and regular changes in the form of beauty.

Fourth, symmetry and balance

Symmetry has the beauty of dignity, generosity, and stability. It usually appears symmetrically.