Packaging design of rubber box

- Apr 26, 2018-

       The importance of packaging design is self-evident. Plastic boxes, PET transparent plastic boxes, PVC box boxes are not only used to install the products, it is more important: to improve the grade of the product, transfer the features of the products inside. Let the product inside the glue box become the popular commodity in the eyes of the consumer. This time is not a casually making a box to install the product on OK, improve the beauty, stand out in the same kind of product to make the business win the victory.

       The original purpose of the rubber box design is to start from the aesthetic feeling, look at your own plan from the eye of the market, from the simple to simple, or from the simple to the designer's own preference and love. Commodity and industrial design are not only arts, but also qualitatively different from art design. Art comes from life, is loyal to reality, and is higher than reality. The design of plastic packaging is derived from consumers, consumers, but not consumers. This is the biggest difference between them. The biggest way to cater for the buyers is the key to successful packaging design.

      Beauty is the subjective feeling, so there is no standard of objective judgment, unlike the mathematical algorithm 1+1=2 only has a standard answer, absolutely no different sounds. But the design of the box box is made up of the designer's own professional accomplishment. In the same package, he will have different ideas and ideas in different times. So, from this point of view, packaging design is also very subjective.

      Now all kinds of packaging design schemes, from the side, show that modern consumers put forward higher requirements for commodities. Therefore, many enterprises have exhausted all kinds of methods when marketing their products. And packaging design is only one of the techniques. Every manufacturer wants to make their products distinctive and more selling points than others. This also puts forward higher requirements for the quality of the designers. The repeated modifications of a design seem to appear to be beautiful design drawings, and designers will look at the shortcomings in a very harsh view. A mature scheme is finalized, containing countless blood and time. When the goods are sold to the consumer, the product is kept and the package is discarded. Consumers will not be aware of that because the goods have a package that impress themselves and bought the goods, but at this time, the rubber box designers have done their duty.