Packaging color structure of PET plastic box

- May 14, 2018-

PET plastic box in various forms of packaging, color box packaging development is the most rapid, widely used and closely related to people in various fields. Although the color box packaging industry is getting more and more popular, people must strengthen their automation level before entering the color box packaging market, especially the level of post-press processing automation. Because the printing of color box packaging is different from traditional printing, its post-printing processing procedures are complex and the requirements for technology and equipment are relatively strict.

PET plastic box design color first to determine a total color, including hue, lightness, purity of three elements, while coordinating the color weave, contrast strength, color in the packaging design in addition to the basic requirements of the plane design, including Its characteristics: commercial-products have their own attribute hue, that is, represent the essence of the commodity or the color of the product image, enable the consumer to produce a similar cognitive reaction like a signal response, and rapidly determine the content of the package by color.