Packaging advertising plays an important role in the sale of goods

- Apr 28, 2018-

Packaging is first designed to protect products, which is the most thought-provoking problem for designers. But today, with the development of packaging, its connotation is becoming larger and larger, and its forms are more and more diversified. Excellent packaging helps the display and sale of goods, helps consumers identify and choose, and stimulates consumers' desire to buy. Therefore, packaging design is also known as "product extension design". Packaging design has become a specialty with advertising characteristics. Packaging must have the elements of advertising.

One, investigation and research

Market research is the key to ensure the success of packaging design. This is also an important step to broaden our thinking and deepen our thinking.

The content of the study should include:

The performance characteristics of 1. products

Understand the characteristics of products and their production process, and choose reasonable packaging materials according to their characteristics. Different packaging materials have different requirements for decoration design. Understand the packaging characteristics of similar products, especially the advantages and disadvantages of competitors, including the status of domestic and foreign packaging; know whether it is a special food, gift, seasonal goods and interesting items; understand what needs to be set up.

The reason for the new packaging is that the design of the new product is improved according to the elements in it, so that its products can stand out in many excellent products.

2. Market situation

There are cultural, climatic and environmental differences in every place and country. The production enterprise needs to know the product sales target and its user's sex, age, occupation, cultural level and so on, and understand the display forms of commodity sale: shelf display, counter display, and special cabinet. In addition, some special problems should be considered, such as pollution prevention, anti-theft, damage, recovery and so on, so as to make appropriate treatment to make it more consistent with the local market situation, in order to achieve better sales effect.

3. project product use

Understand the use of the product. For example, the convenience of the consumer must be taken into account, namely, the open and post use preservation of the package, the determination of the size of the packaging, the safety of the transportation and use of the packaging, and the determination of the effective packaging life.

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