Offset printing plastic box, ink fineness on the role of offset printing?

- May 08, 2018-

Ink fineness refers to the largest particles of pigments, fillers, etc. in the ink and the uniformity of the distribution in the connection. The fineness of the ink determines the fluidity and coloring strength of the ink body to a certain extent, and has a good influence on the printing process and printing quality. The larger effect of the fineness of the ink during the printing process affects the transfer and sharpness of the image because it maintains a certain amount of dot area on the printing plate.

Relationship, the finer the fineness of the ink, the printed blots are full of dots, and the stronger the coloring power is. If the fineness of the ink is too thick, defects such as increased dots, poor dots, and poor gloss tend to occur, and they are easily destroyed. Versions, pastes, heaps of ink (including heap plates, blankets, etc.) are also detrimental to the integrity of small outlets.

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