Offset Printing Offset Printing Ink

- May 08, 2018-

In the offset printing process, the correct control of the ink flow has important process significance. Moderate fluidity not only ensures the normal flow of ink on the press, but also makes the print even and flat. If the fluidity is too large, the ink will slip on the ink roller, resulting in an increase in the geometric size of the print, which will damage the screen level and increase the penetration of the ink on the paper. If the fluidity is too small, the ink supply will be out of order and the ink will not be uniformly distributed. , can not guarantee the uniformity of ink color printing, or even caused by the lack of ink on the layout caused by the flower version. When the ink is output by the ink fountain roller, it is only affected by the external force of the ink fountain roller. Its flow conditions are mainly the gravity and surface tension of the ink itself. In addition to the liquidity of the ink, the ink ink depends on its own leveling. The rheological properties such as sex, viscosity, yield value, thixotropy, and stringiness. In the offset printing process, the ink under ink directly affects the amount of ink supplied per unit time, and the ink layer thickness during the transfer and transfer process. Therefore, in actual printing adjustment of the amount of ink under the ink, in addition to adjusting the ink fountain roller speed (or rotation angle), or the local adjustment of the ink blade blade clearance, it should pay more attention to the automatic or manual ink mixing, and change the ink's yield value and touch Denaturation, to ensure that it has a constant amount of ink in each moment, otherwise the ink can not be properly transferred to the ink fountain roller, the formation of ink stagnation phenomenon, resulting in poor ink supply or ink supply interruption failure. The transferability of ink can be recognized from two aspects: on the one hand, the transfer of ink between ink transfer, ink distribution and ink roller; on the other hand, the ink is between the printing plate and the blanket, between the blanket and the printed sheet. Transfer. The former is mainly influenced by the under ink and transferability, while the latter is also affected by the printing conditions (such as printing machine type, printing speed, printing pressure, etc.) and blankets and papers. That is, the transferability of the ink is shown during the entire transfer, distribution, and separation (or splitting) of the ink, which is of great significance for offset printing. The quality of ink transfer is mainly determined by the drawability and viscosity of the ink, and also related to its wettability, viscosity, yield value, thixotropy, and surface tension.

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