Non-toxic high temperature food plastic box choose what material

- May 07, 2018-

PET is a milky white or light yellow, highly crystalline polymer with a smooth, shiny surface. In a wide temperature range with excellent physical and mechanical properties, long-term use temperature up to 120 °C, excellent electrical insulation, even at high temperature and high frequency, its electrical properties are still good.

      As a PET plastic box packaging material its advantages:

      1.has good mechanical properties, impact strength is 3 to 5 times that of other films, good folding durability.

      2.resistant to oil, fat, acid, dilute alkali, resistant to most solvents.

      3.can be used in the temperature range of -70 °C to 120 °C, short-term use can withstand 150 °C high temperature.

      4.gas and water vapor permeability is low, both excellent gas barrier, water, oil and odor performance.

      5.high transparency, can block ultraviolet light, good gloss.

      6.non-toxic, odorless, good health and safety, can be directly used for food packaging.

      At present, PET is widely used in food blister packaging, cosmetic blister packaging, electronic blister packaging, toy blister packaging, medical blister packaging, and gift blister packaging.

      PET plastic box is beautiful and high-grade, and can also display 360-degree products that are packaged so that consumers can see the products to be purchased at a glance without having to unpack them. It is also the most commonly used material in the plastic industry.


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