Matte cake plastic box design skills

- Mar 21, 2018-

When it comes to cakes, they are all popular foods. When you are happy or sad, you will feel sweet when you come to a sweet cake. Custom types of cake plastic boxes include square boxes, round boxes, wedding cake boxes and other box types that are specially created according to consumer preferences and festivals. The design of the frosted cake plastic box is also the same as other plastic box design methods, and the color, pattern and cultural connotation are combined according to the characteristics of the product.

Grasp the packaging's color design, so that people can see the plastic box packaging can think of the product inside. However, many cake packaging boxes produced by enterprises do not show the characteristics of color, so that they can not play a good role in the promotion of the packaging. Produce a clear contrast between color and color, use shades, light and dark, line surface and other contrast techniques, will complement each other. Finishing the design of the color, the pattern on the packaging is also important. The plastic box for the cake is suitable for use in warm tones, which makes people feel more appetite and warm. Coupled with flowers and cartoons, they can display the affinity of the packaging.

A good matte cake plastic box will make people have the desire to buy, in the middle of the lack of cultural connotation. Make the packaging full of intrinsic charm and make people enjoy the exquisite packaging and food. The packaging that is full of vitality represents the brand color and culture of the company. It also creates a market for the goods and allows consumers to understand the company. This is the plastic box packaging, cake plastic box packaging.