Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of blister packaging materials

- May 09, 2018-

In our daily life, blister packaging is widely used in various daily commodities. In order to attract customers, merchants will use a variety of beautiful blister boxes to package the goods, such as transparent plastic blister box, food PP blister box , Meat blister trays, cooked food blister trays, blister storage boxes, vegetable blister trays, fresh plastic trays, cake bread blister boxes. So, what are the benefits of blister packaging? What's more noteworthy about using blister packs, today's Gold Digital's professional consultants will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of various blister packaging materials.

First of all, the biggest characteristic of blister packaging materials is light weight and good toughness. For goods that need long-distance transportation, they can reduce the transport weight and facilitate transportation. This is unmatched by other packaging materials.

Second, blister packaging materials have very good barrier properties and permeability. In plastic packaging, there are gas barrier packaging, moisture-proof packaging, waterproof packaging, and various fresh-keeping packaging for fruit and food, these are plastic packaging. Ensure that the respiration of fresh ingredients extends out of the package.

Again, the optical properties of blister packs are excellent. Because blister packs can be transparent, when they are made into packaging containers, the items contained inside can be seen clearly, and this indirect eyeball attracting effect is very good. . The special mention here is that blister packaging materials are environmentally friendly. Compared with those of pure polymer resins, blister packaging can be said to be non-toxic, so if we want to package foods, we can safely use blister packaging materials in the normal way. .

Disadvantages of blister packaging materials: For individual resin monomers, especially monomeric polyethylene, when they are used in plastic packaging materials, if the content is too high, that is, when they reach a certain concentration, they are easily packaged food Absorbed, which will cause some harm to the human body, this part of the plastic packaging material is not suitable for food packaging. In addition, the blister packaging material is inferior to other hard materials in terms of strength, hardness, etc., as well as disadvantages such as poor heat resistance and easy aging of the material.