How to tell if the plastic box uses back materials

- Apr 26, 2018-

       Today, the content of CaC03, the main stone powder in the Chinese market, determines the use value of waste plastics. If the CaC03 content is too high, the price will be lower. People can use the eyes to see if the product is bright and lusterless, then there will be more CaC03. Such products are also often heavy. After the fire is used, then some parts will turn red and finally gray. In addition, waste plastics should also pay attention to the enhancement (referring to fiberglass) products. At present, only PA, PBT, and PP, which can be used to enhance products, are not expensive.

       Generally, the plastics we use can be divided into thermoplastic and thermosetting. Waste plastics are not only stranger in appearance but also novelty. This is mainly due to the fact that they come from various industries and can be recycled and used by our country for many times. It is a thermoplastic because it is soluble and plastic.

 Waste plastics have a lot of industries because of their sources. This also leads to different degrees of material utilization. Recalling prices is not the same. First, the color is generally lighter (even colorless and transparent), and the range of use is more, and it can be passed later. Adding other colors to modulate can also be directly used to make white products so that the recycled prices are successively high.


    Tuopai Packaging teaches you how to identify waste plastics by the following methods:


1, through the color to observe: regardless of solid color or transparent material, the new material will look very transparent and shiny feel good, waste and secondary materials instead;


2, by smell smell: a variety of plastics are not the same taste, including flame retardant components are not the same, if there is a smell of lime is definitely the second return;


3, drawing: If the product CaC03 is too much then the product is certainly not good, enhanced also pull no wire.


4. Observe the flame: You can ignite with a small fire, observe whether the color of the flame is smoked, and whether the product contains burning from the fire or not burning at all.