How to solve the frosted PP box order problem?

- May 11, 2018-

The selection of frosted PP boxes is not only limited to conventional advertising and old-fashioned traditional awareness. Modern consumers pay more attention to the material and styling innovation of matte PP packaging boxes. Customize the composition, color, and font of the packaging box at the same time to combine the concepts, achieve the characteristics of exquisite shape, ideal color, and text image, thereby producing scientifically used, adaptable to the trend, low cost, superior quality and competitive matte. PP box.

Matte PP box

A successful frosted PP box must have five basic points:

1. Impression of shelf display: A good box can make the goods attractive to the customers on the shelf;

2, readability: the text on the package should be clear and easy to read.

3, the appearance of the pattern: the design should be beautiful, eye-catching, strong, beautiful and generous;

4. Trademark Impression: Trademarks should be concise and clear, and can leave a deep impression;

5, commodity functions, features, open packaging methods and precautions should also be used to express simple and clear pictures. The design of the above five basic points will make consumers have a strong desire to buy.

Matte PP box

The uniqueness of frosted and transparent PP box is closely related to market competition. In the product sales business, in addition to the role of advertising, the uniqueness of the frosted PP box and the importance of distinguishing it from other products play a very important role in “self-promotion”. Essentially, packaging design is conveyed by people's visuals. Understand the customer's psychology in the market, predict how the consumer identifies the product of the category in the appearance characteristics of the package, and have the design skills that the visual elements and the design language can touch.

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