How to choose product packaging

- Apr 25, 2018-

(1) Points to note when changing the shape of the package

In general, the shape of the package is determined by the geometry of the product, but in some cases, special considerations are needed, for example, to specifically reflect the inner beauty of the product, companies need to change the external shape of the product. If companies need to change their original packaging, they must first understand consumer spending and usage habits. Do they have conflicts with them? Also pay attention to consumers' line of sight habits. Do you agree with the circular packaging consumers? Why do you like flat or square packaging?

(2) Use family packaging or individually packaged

The so-called familial packaging means that all product items use the same or substantially similar packaging. The advantage of this is to reduce the design and printing cost of the plastic box packaging; as a product item promotion promotes other products, it can reduce advertising expenses; it can also use the successful business product projects to drive the sales of other product items. However, the disadvantage is that if one or several products have problems, it will also affect other product projects. If a single package is used, the packaging costs and promotion costs are high, but it will not have a simultaneous effect on other product items due to a problem with a product project. This requires companies to decide based on marketing goals and marketing risk.

(3) using combination packaging

Within the same package, the packaging series is the associated product, which is a combination package. A toothpaste and a toothbrush are packaged together; a set of cosmetics is packaged together and so on. The advantage of combination packaging is that it can increase the sales volume of the company's products. When customers need to purchase related products, they do not only recognize the products purchased by one company. In most cases, they buy the products of several companies. When using a combination package to allow customers to purchase a series of products, try to buy the company's products; at the same time, it is also suitable for customers to purchase for the purpose of gifts.

(4) Use multi-purpose packaging

Multi-purpose packaging means that the packaging can be used for other purposes after the product is consumed or used. Such as medicine bottles for drinking cups, plastic bags for handbags. Multi-purpose packaging can make the package play the role of long-term advertising; so that customers have the effect of relatively cheap and willing to buy.