How should the PVC plastic box be stored?

- Apr 29, 2018-

Under normal circumstances, please open the PVC plastic box, please tighten the bottle and store at 22°C-25°C. The storage time is half a year. In a dark room, the storage time is 1 year and a half to 2 when the cans are not opened under 22°C-25°C. Years, at the same time need to pay special attention to the following questions:

     1. PVC plastic box storage time should not be too long, otherwise the various components will occur separation, precipitation phenomenon.

     2. The principle of "first in, first out" should be followed in the storage and management of plastic boxes.

     3. In some areas in the north, plastic boxes should be stored outdoors to prevent gelation at low temperatures.

     4. The remaining cartridges must be filtered with a filter of 100 mesh or more before being reused. After mixing, the remaining cartridges can be mixed with new ink.

     5. It is best to maintain a constant temperature inside the warehouse of the plastic box, and the difference between the temperature of the printing workshop and the printing shop should not be too different.