How do outsiders identify transparent blister packs of different materials

- Apr 25, 2018-

So how do people who don’t understand this industry decide what kind of blister packaging is best for them? In fact, most people will use the most intuitive method to choose, which is what they see with the naked eye. The senses make them have a sense of packaging, thinking that this is what they want, but in fact it is not The approach taken will affect the matching of packaging and demand, resulting in the final choice of packaging does not fully meet their own requirements.

How can we find a packaging that is both satisfactory and suitable for you when choosing a blister pack? We simply use a transparent blister pack to illustrate:

Conventional transparent materials are PET, PVC, PETG; PET materials are environmentally friendly materials, transparency is relatively higher than PVC, with flammability, the cost is relatively higher than PVC material, PVC material is relatively unfriendly Material, but it is non-combustible, can be used for hot-pressed blister packaging, the cost will be relatively low, usually used in the factory's internal turnover or used in the hardware industry packaging; PETG is combined with the advantages of PETG and PVC, It not only has the environmental protection of PET, but also has the incombustibility of PVC. It is generally used for making high-quality or transparent blister packaging for export to Europe, America and other countries. The price is also the most expensive among the three materials.