How can we integrate the packaging and design with the overall structure of packaging design?

- Apr 28, 2018-

Strengthen the overall layout and highlight the design theme

The ultimate purpose of packaging design is to strengthen the integrity of the layout, to make the page clear, complete, orderly, clear and intuitive visual impact, highlight the theme, to achieve the best attraction effect.

In design, we have to make sure that it is true and reliable. The integrity of the structure is not the same as all aspects of the design, so we should leave space to highlight the theme. Blank plays an important role in packaging design, which can ease the tension and complexity of design. Highlight the theme, improve visual effects, help sight flow and break boredom.

The overall layout of the packaging design should have a certain perspective. According to the visual law studied by the psychologist, the attraction of the upper picture is stronger than the lower part. Therefore, the general view is to arrange the center of the slope layout to achieve the effect of "the prominent theme".

Sometimes, according to the needs of the design theme, arranging a specific entry point on the screen will have a new visual communication, attracting the attention of the people to achieve the outstanding artistic effect.

Packaging design should not only focus on visual performance, but should pay attention to the consistency of the lines of the packaging surface, so as to guide people's view, fast, sharp, and accurately appreciate the theme of packaging design.

Combine symmetry and balance to maintain the balance of the whole page.

In packaging design, the overall layout of the sense of balance should be taken into account. It must be designed according to human visual psychology. Under normal circumstances, the requirements for the right side are more than professional requirements, thus achieving a sense of visual balance.

Symmetry is widely used in packaging design, giving people a solemn, stable, orderly and tidy sense of beauty, but there are negative or inflexible factors, and there are also negative factors in the balance of unstable factors.

In order to make up for the shortage of short supply, they often combine the two in packaging design to get the static and stability of visual psychology.