High quality plastic material becomes the priority consideration of food safety

- Apr 28, 2018-

There are many ways to cause toxic and harmful substances in food. Among them, food plastic packaging is the most common and dangerous way because of the unqualified packaging materials.

1. effects of plastic packaging materials on food safety

In the past twenty years, China's plastic packaging industry has developed rapidly. There are not only many manufacturers in China, but also the variety of products, and the quality has reached a certain high level. It is understood that almost all the packaging materials in the world can be made in China. However, in the process of rapid development of packaging industry, China's plastic packaging companies are concentrated in scale, output, physical and mechanical properties, the requirements of high temperature and low temperature, corrosion resistance in these aspects, the health and safety of the packaging material itself is not very good attention.

In the domestic plastic packaging industry, it is found that many composite materials have some health and safety hazards in making packaging materials, purchasing raw materials and using them, improving production conditions and testing the finished products. Even, many food manufacturers are not fully considering the content of the product and the health and safety of the body in the use of packaging materials, and focus only on the fastness, intensity, appearance and price, and the most concern is whether the odor exists. In short, the potential impact of packaging materials on food hygiene and packaging materials on the earth's environment has not attracted much attention. That's why plastic packaging is a hidden danger for food safety.

2, bad food plastic packaging seriously threatens human life safety.

The safety of plastic packaging food has become commonplace. Recently, the provincial industry and Commerce Bureau has monitored the quality of the special products of food packaging containers in the region, and found that many plastic containers of phthalate ester plasticizers exceed the standard, including infant feed tableware; the plastic packaging of inferior food is a serious threat to people. The safety of life, the safety of food packaging and the quality of food are equally important. In this regard, food producers should work harder on food packaging, not only to be responsible for the quality of the packaging material, but also on the packaging to inform the consumers of the consequences of improper use. As consumers, we may not be able to control the manufacturer's packaging production, but we can exercise the right to choose.

3, solve the problem of "poison" in plastic packaging products, starting from the plastic packaging industry.

To solve the problem of toxic substances in plastic packaging products, we must start with the plastic packaging industry itself. The problem of many plastic packaging products now comes from some unscrupulous merchants for profit making, slack in the control of production process, resulting in the decline of product quality, serious pollution of food after entering the market, and the occurrence of food safety problems.