Green plastic cartridge stamping technology

- Apr 25, 2018-

Hot stamping technology for environmental adhesive box

With the increasingly fierce market competition, in order to more effectively carry out anti-counterfeiting and personalized packaging, and increase the added value of products, the hot stamping process has been more widely used in transparent plastic box packaging.

The hot stamping technology of the plastic box includes ordinary hot stamping, cold stamping, embossing hot stamping and holographic hot stamping.

1, ordinary hot stamping. The common hot stamping process used for environmental protection plastic boxes is flat press hot stamping and round press hot stamping. The round press is a line contact. With hot stamping substrate factory pan, suitable for large-area hot stamping, hot stamping and other high-precision features, the application is more extensive.

2, cold stamping. Eco-friendly plastic box cold stamping does not require the use of heated metal plates. Instead, it uses printed adhesives to transfer the metal foil. The cold stamping process has low cost, energy saving and high production efficiency, and is a promising new process.

3, bump hot stamping. Convex stamping, also known as three-dimensional hot stamping, is the use of modern engraving technology to make up and down with the negative and positive mold, hot stamping and embossing process once completed, improving production efficiency. The mold produced by electro-engraving can be curved to achieve a three-dimensional embossing effect that can hardly be achieved by a mold produced by a general etching method. The appearance of embossing and hot stamping enables the hot stamping and embossing process to be completed at the same time, reducing the number of wastes that are generated due to process inaccurate stamping.

4, holographic hot stamping. The environmental protection plastic box hologram uses computer technology to change the amplitude and frequency of the grating, making it more brilliant and clearer than the calculated color of the pattern.

If such a hologram is used as a copy of the original, a large number of holograms will be lost, thereby achieving the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. Holographic identification can not only have very good anti-counterfeiting performance, but also can be used to make special numbers or characters in the holographic logo according to customer needs. The application of high-grade transparent plastic box packaging is more and more widely used.