Four conditions for transparent packing box printing

- Apr 29, 2018-

1. Equipment

The old saying goes: "if a worker wants to do good, he must first use his tools." The vast majority of colleagues in the printing industry understand that good machine equipment is the prerequisite for ensuring the quality of printed matter. For example, the printing of the large ink bottom of the printed four colors, the older printing presses are not printed out of the ink bottom uneven, that is, the dark bar; the new machine equipment is printed out of the ink bottom uniform, bright color, the difference is particularly obvious. Film (transparent packaging boxes widely used as PP, PVC, PET and other materials) printing is more difficult to control compared with paper in the ink, color difference stability and other aspects. Shanghai Tuo pic package introduced the German polychromatic UV offset printing machine, enough to cope with the difficult printing of various materials.

2. Technology

Mastering the professionalism and technology of operators in the whole process of printing will directly affect the quality of products. Therefore, the printing factory staff has a very dedicated attitude and superb professional skills, which is the most important responsibility of the printing plant managers. Besides, operators should have consistent quality concept. The production management team has always repeatedly stressed the quality standardization, because if the management team has no consensus on quality, business undertaking, production scheduling, quality management department, production workshop manager do not coordinate with each other, printing products ignore quality, and only pursue delivery period until one day business is received. It will be too late to think about the quality again.

3. Raw materials

At present, many famous enterprises have done their best in raw material check. The printing industry is no exception

Printing raw materials mainly include: school film, PS version, ink, UV oil, blanket, alcohol, fountain solution and so on. The quality of printing ink, UV oil, alcohol and other raw materials directly determine the quality of printed products, other accessories to participate in a link in the printing process, will also have an important impact on the quality of printed products.

All kinds of printed products require different printing effects. Some printed products require bright colors, others require a soft color. Some products need to be exposed to the outside for a long time. When choosing ink and film, the exposure to the sun will be a performance index that needs special attention; offset printing is used for different kinds of products. The requirements for the hardness of the rubber cloth are not the same; for different materials and seasons, alcohol has different models and characteristics, and should be selected pertinent. At the same time, we should pay attention to the storage of raw and auxiliary materials. Like film storage, at present, the temperature and humidity control and dust prevention measures in many enterprise warehouses are not required, some even open in the open air, not on the control of temperature, humidity and dustproof. It has a negative effect on guaranteeing and improving the quality of printing and rear road and reducing material consumption. The storage conditions of the film should be given priority. Requirement。

4, aesthetic design

Because the printed matter is in the end is a visual product, so when people evaluate the quality of the printed matter, the first feeling is the aesthetic effect of the printed product. The aesthetic effect of the printed product is mainly related to the design level of the craft. Font selection, color design, art pattern, image location, layout style and so on are all related to the aesthetic effect of printed matter. Good design can make printed products show good aesthetic characteristics, but it is difficult to describe the degree of excellence in design with quantity. Sometimes, "good" design actually does not conform to the rules of typesetting, color combination and image synthesis. Some people think that bad design, used on the cover of some commemorative books, may sometimes be appropriate, but it is not appropriate to use the advertising of high-grade cosmetics.