Food blister box

- Apr 24, 2018-

       Food packaging will use PET blister box, PS blister box, and PP plastic box. Most casual snacks, biscuits and so on will use environmentally friendly blister packaging. This is a harmless plastic packaging box. It will not leak, it will not smell odour, nor will it adsorb. It is a very hygienic and safe food package. In terms of convenience, there is no alternative packaging that can compare with blister.

       The history of blister used in the food industry is not long. The reason is that blister is not a long time to enter the market as a new era of packaging products. In the past decades of blister packaging, blister packaging has become a mainstream packaging product and has been widely used in various industries. In the electronic line, we can see the shapes of blister boxes and transparent plastic boxes everywhere. In the toy industry, each blister box sets out the characteristics of a product, so that toys can get more children's love. In food, more than half of the packing forms are used to suck. Only a little attention, you will find a box of chocolate - flavored cakes you are eating in a clean plastic box. The convenience and importance of blister in life have been recognized by the market.