Environmental protection pet plastic box product introduction

- May 04, 2018-

PET material plastic box is now more and more favored by customers, because of its good transparency, safety and environmental protection characteristics, has gradually replaced PVC to become the main material of the plastic box process, look back on the process of the past years, PET's viscose process can not be Viscous, severely bluish, slightly blanched, and finally completely transparent.

Specializing in the production of environment-friendly PP folding boxes, PVC color printing boxes, PET plastic boxes, transparent plastic boxes, frosted boxes and other plastic product packaging box products, mainly used for: cosmetic packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, electronic packaging, toy packaging, health products packaging , food packaging, daily necessities, etc.

● product model:

● product material: mainly pvc, pp, pet,

● Product features: environmental protection, electrostatic disposal, commonly used gold plated, flocking, twill, transparent, frosted, opal, other color materials, maintenance of film information

●Product process: 1. Processing methods are mainly machine bonding, ultrasonic pressure and buckle;                   2. The printing method mainly adopts offset printing and screen printing;

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