Develop efficient packaging machinery and enter the new era of packaging.

- Apr 28, 2018-

Precautions for updating packaging machinery

It is reported that, behind the rapid development of the packaging industry in China, a large number of high - tech equipment still rely on imports, and a large amount of foreign exchange is used to import complete sets of high-end equipment every year. Like plastic film biaxial stretching equipment, the production line was introduced in 1970s and imported from 1970s. So far, there are already 110 imported production lines in China. In addition, a large number of aseptic boxes and filling equipment have been provided to foreign companies.

In recent years, the demand for packaging machinery is on the rise in all walks of life in our country. Although the domestic packaging industry is relatively close, our country which is relatively close to the packaging machinery can not meet the needs of many industries. Therefore, domestic packaging machinery should actively seek better development path from the needs of related industries and improve the applicability of packaging machinery.

At the same time, global packaging machinery has entered a new stage.

According to the U. S. Census Bureau, the United States will enter the aging society by 2025. The United States packaging world takes full consideration of the potential demand for packaged products by the elderly consumers, develops the characteristics of the aging society, the packaging of the future, such as metal and pull chains, easy to pull cans, and the packaging world promises to provide consumers with more parties. The packing of the stool.