Custom selection of rubber box: the difference between APET and pet

- Apr 24, 2018-

      Material selection: the difference between APET and pet! According to the material, the plastic box can be divided into PP, PVC, pet, APET and so on. Because of the different materials, the quality of the customized cartridge is different. Here is to talk about the difference between APET and pet, so that it is not so entangled in the selection of plastic boxes.

      In a simple way, you don't have to distinguish too clearly when you make a glue box customization. You can simply think that there is no difference between APET and pet. The APET box is actually a pet glue box, that is, the two say the same thing, but it's just different.

      If you want to distinguish very carefully, there is a difference, first of all, pet is crystalline polymer, APET is non crystalline; secondly, the chemical name is different, the names of Chinese and English are different. Other properties and advantages are similar. For example, they are all environmentally-friendly materials, non-toxic, tasteless, highly transparent, smooth finish, strong impact resistance and so on.